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Lidl - logistic center Built area: 56.300 sqm Works: Designer and manufacturer of precast concrete elementslogistic center, ancillary buildings, exterior works, car and pedestrian access roads, connections to public roads, fencing, connection t...

Festival Centrum Sibiu Festival Centrum Sibiu

Name of project: Festival Centrum Sibiu Built area: 28.000 sqm Works: Pre-cast structure, floors, over-concreting, enclosures.



The company Bauelemente produces precast-prestressed concrete structures, as well as enclosures- facades and roofing.

Taking benefit since its foundation from an investment of over 10 million EURO, the company succeeded in becoming in only 2 years one of the local market leaders in its area of activity, having an annual capacity of over 200.000 sqm of built-up area.

The quality is granted by both the state-of-the-art technology in design, production and assembling.
The design team within the company has over 10 specialized designers, with large experience, being in this way the biggest and highly performing in Romania.

spalieriFor the diversification of the product range, Bauelemente made an initial investment of 1.5 million Euro and the investment in the factory dedicated to precast concrete elements for agriculture has reached 5 million euro so far.
With the completion at the end of 2015 of the new factory dedicated to the production of prestressed concrete poles for agriculture, Bauelemente is the unique producer of trellises for agriculture in Romania, more precisely for orcharding and viticulture, and the largest in southeastern Europe.
The prestressed concrete poles for agriculture (trellises) are used as support elements in intensive and super-intensive orcharding, in viticulture, as well as for enclosures. For the production of these poles we use prestressed wire technology and high class C40/50 concrete. Thanks to the state-of-the-art production equipments for concrete prestressing, the end product will have a long period of use.

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